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Octo Capital Foundation

Octo Capital Foundation is an innovative multi-disciplinary asset management platform in financial markets. The platform combines the features of the traditional and digital economy, combining the reliability of classical investment instruments and the technical achievements of recent years.
Transparency, strict compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the relevant jurisdiction, a specially selected legal form allows you to protect the interests of our clients.
Octo Capital Foundation combines conservative investment strategies with high- tech and promising areas of capital markets.
A convenient personal account allows you to carry out all the necessary operations, track information about the status of accounts and financial activities of the company.
The company uses advanced blockchain technologies that demonstrate the company's financial flows, which is an unprecedented case among investment companies.
Team of experts
Our experts with extensive and diverse experience in the field of investment and IT-technologies have combined competencies within the Octo Capital Foundation.

Legal aspects

Investment portfolios

We have created a high-quality infrastructure of financial flows and are ready to offer a choice of two investment products:

Digital portfolio
The Digital portfolio strategy aimed at increasing the BTC cryptocurrency.
hybrid portfolio
Trading strategy aimed at long-term investments in a wide range of assets.