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Octo Capital is eager to develop and launch the fully-featured blockchain ecosystem with several branches inside to provide the crypto community with the whole range of services that are still not available on the market.
Launch of the marketing campaign
The investment portfolio built up by Octo Capital experts is quite demanding, since it combines both classic financial instruments and real estate. Marketing company of Octo Capital balances the interests of early stage partners and new entries because the bigger AUM we have, the more complex investment strategies we can apply enjoying the economies of scale.
Incorporation of the first transparent investment fund Octo Capital Foundation
Putting together the diversity of expertise and knowledge from different fields, Octo Capital launches the first transparent investment fund. Within one structure, we arrange such a combination of investment options, which allows us to build a bridge between the real and financial sector. The corporate structure of the Seychelles private interest foundation is an ideal legal solution for this type of business, which is confirmed by several memoranda prepared for us by foreign lawyers.
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Release of Octo cryptocurrency wallets
The concept developed by Octo specialists is an advanced technical solution combining advantages of cold and hot storage. Vulnerability analysis of products that already exist and implementation of complex multifactor authentication (MFA) provide a game-changing level of security and make it possible to use Octo wallets as the first element of the global Octo ecosystem.
Launch of Octo cryptocurrency converter and issue of Octo stable coin
Octo Capital seeks to solve the «last mile» problem that disturbs all owners of crypto assets: the lack of possibility to easily convert cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies and vice versa. Having enlisted the support of several banks and payment systems, we plan to provide our clients with a convenient legal service. The introduction of Octo stablecoin will be coupled with the achievement of such level of capitalization, which will allow us to issue stablecoins backed by company's assets. Octo coin is supposed to have broad functionality including settlements on the platform.
Issue of Octo debit cards, enabling reciprocal payments and conversion of cryptocurrency into fiat money and vice versa
Plastic cards have a proven track record being the most convenient way of payment: personalized, safe, easy to use, transport and store. That is why Octo Capital plans to issue debit cards for its partners and customers. The possibility to use Octo debit cards in any payment terminal will also be an excellent option.
Launch of Octo cryptocurrency exchange
The core of Octo Capital ecosystem, where supply and demand form a fair price of every asset. A large list of available currency pairs, listing of tokens, constant liquidity support, special software that ensures the security of transactions conducted on the platform, protection against price manipulation and fictitious transactions, flexible API, integration of previously issued Octo debit cards - the combination of these aspects can change the idea of blockchain-ecosystems.
Presentation of commercial deposits and loans
The capital market is based on cash flow from lenders to borrowers and back. The realities of the digital economy have shown the need for such services in relation to cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin deposits, credit provisions, a system of loans and guarantees - only a small part of innovations Octo Capital experts have developed within this framework.
Incorporation of Octo crypto bank
Financial institution that could be a bridge between fiat funds and cryptocurrency assets is a true philosophical stone of modern business community. Having launched several financial services, Octo Capital specialists will be able to combine them on a single platform, offering innovative structured finance instruments, solutions for individuals and legal entities, as well as comprehensive multi-stage security with a depository system included.
Launch of Octo banking holding, which including insurance business and a system of social funds
According to PwC research, the crypto market is in a desperate need of insurance system, because all classical capital markets have partial or full coverage. The founders of Octo Capital have developed a multi-level system for building a risk profile of every potential policy holder, as well as financial model for future insurance premia and potential insurance reimbursement. The insurance business is strongly connected with social funds, because organizing a flexible transparent system of savings for individuals, we can compete with classic pension funds and unit-linked life insurance.